Master Tay Soon Lee 郑顺利老师

Master Tay

Master Tay Soon Lee, Founder and Chief Coach for Neijia Martial Arts 郑顺利老师,内家拳法学院创办人兼总教练

Master Tay Soon Lee is a well known Wushu expert and trainer. He involves in coaching and is a qualified judge at international level.

Born in 1960, Master Tay enjoys having a good health and a well balance life style between his career in the building construction field and his family. Even at the age of 50, Master Tay continues to contribute and promote Wushu.

During his younger days, Master Tay travels to China to seek from Master Li Yuan Qi on the art of Chan Men Taiji Gongfa and Taiji Quan in 1987 and 1988 respectively. In the same year 1988, Master Tay travels to visit the renowned Grand Master Sha Gua Zheng to master other series of Qigong to further enhance on his skills of Xingyi Quan and Bagua Chang (Eight-Diagram Palm).

In July 1990, Master Tay participated in the International Wushu Tournament held in Kuala Lumpur. In this event, he was awarded the Men’s Cudgel Play Medal and also 2nd runner-up in Broadsword Play.

2006 to 2009. Master Tay was appointed as Trainer to get lecture & practical training to “New Wushu Coaches Seminar” and “Wushu Judges Seminar”.

郑顺利师傅, 生于1960年, 18岁开始习武擅长传统长拳, 剑术, 枪术, 自选刀术, 棍术, 形意拳和八卦掌。 启蒙老师陈玉和系前南京中央国术馆毕业生。

1984至1996年, 多次前往中国拜访武朮名家, 有南京程健师伯, 湖北陈湘陵老师, 云南张修林老师和昆明沙国政大师。得多位名师指点, 提高形意拳, 剑, 棍和八卦掌的技术和理论。

1987和1988年, 得中国禅门太极拳正宗传人李远奇老师亲自传授禅门养生功法和禅门太极拳。1990年, 代表全国武术总会参加国际武术赛, 获得男子组自选棍术第三名和刀术第六名。

1994年, 到山西太原观看全国形意拳邀请赛, 受邀表演形意大连环, 也会见山西形意拳研会会长张希贵先生, 对形意拳历史与发展进行考察和了解。

2005年, 代全国武术总会在北京参加国际武术裁判班并考获国际武术裁判证, 并恃有国际武术教练资格。

2006至2009年, 担任全国武术总会国家集训队和国家队教练。同时, 是”武术教练培训班和提升班” 的理论兼技朮课讲师。