1st Chanmen Taijiquan Technical Grading

Today is a great day for Neijia Martial Arts to conduct the Course Completion Technical Grading for the First Chanmen Taijiquan class.

Chanmen Taijiquan is an unique art on its own that differs from the five main styles of Taijiquan that are traditionally known. We are fortunate to have Master Tay Soon Lee for imparting the fundamental concepts, conditioning and moves for the last three months. We are also blessed to have Master Loh Poh Swee, a fellow training brother of Master Tay, to join us as one of the testers.


Technical Tester – Master Tay Soon Lee and Master Loh Poh Swee

We are tested in groups of 2 and Master Loh gave us a debrief in how we fare and how to improve in details. Here is a snippet of our group practice after our debrief!


And here we have our graduates!


The graduates of the 1st Chanmen Taijiquan Class are:

Hiew Kwee Kee
Ho Kai Leong
Quek Ser Ming
Lee Zhi Hao
Cheah Yan Ying
Soh Kim Fai
Tan Xing Yang
Tan Wei Foo
Koh Shang Ren
Chee Kok Tong

The graduation marks the start of the journey in furthering the perfection in this unique style of Taijiquan. Train on!


On 17 Jul 2016, we had a make up Technical Grading Test for two other students who could not join us previously! Officially, we have 10 graduates from the 1st Chanmen Taijiquan Class 2016!